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Albuquerque Dentist Frank Montoya

Another Long-term New Mexico Smile Center Patient Thanks Dr. Frank Montoya for Being Albuquerque’s Premier Dentist

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At New Mexico Smile Center, we believe that knowing our patients, and what’s important to them, is the only way to achieve life-changing results.

We know that too often, people ignore their dental problems and live with pain and embarrassment because the thought of going to the dentist fills them with fear and anxiety. They worry about the cost of the treatment, or that maybe they’ve waited too long to fix the problem.

At our office, we believe in working with you so that together, we can come up with a treatment plan that you’re not only comfortable with, but that will result in a healthy and beautiful new smile.

At New Mexico Smile Center, there is no room for anxiety, insecurity or uncertainty – there’s just trust, comfort and good health.

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Comfort & Care

We believe in constant self-improvement and in providing you with all the best that modern dentistry can offer. Our patients put their trust in us, and we take that trust very seriously by using state of the art technology that makes pain, discomfort and uncertainty a thing of the past.
With us, there are no unexpected surprises – just comfort, high quality care and a healthy, natural smile that can last a lifetime.

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Goodbye Fear

Fear of the dentist is a very real thing, and it affects millions worldwide. Fear is so debilitating that health issues are ignored, and bacteria are left to eat away at the gum and bone structure that keep the teeth intact. Our training in sedation dentistry, combined with our desire to truly get to know and understand each of our patients’ goals and concerns, allow us to get you the treatment you need and deserve in a fear and anxiety free way.

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Smile Protection

With football season just around the corner, mouth protection is more top of mind than ever. While a broken, cracked or lost tooth might be a cool “battle wound” on the field, in real life it can be embarrassing and even hinder job opportunities. We’re proud to announce that we offer the Under Armour Performance Mouth Ware, a product proven by athletes at all levels to not just protect the teeth from injury, but to enhance performance on the field.

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We believe in helping patients feel at ease by taking the time to listen, understand and educate them, creating a foundation of trust.